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Christ Our Savior - Church

Advanced Framing Structures was contracted for the stick framed sanctuary building totaling 7,500 SF at Christ Our Savior Church. AFS work closely with GC to troubleshoot and coordinate between the trades.


  • Christ Our Savior – Church

  • Bailey Construction

  • New Church Buildings in Santa Ana California

  • Total Contract Value = $650,000

  • Parish Center – Ground up Type VB stick framed Building. Total SF = 7,500 SF

  • Sanctuary Building – Ground up Type III Steel Building with Hybrid wood roof structure. Roof structure built on the ground and erected into place with crane assistance. Total SF = 24,000 SF

  • Worked closely with GC troubleshooting coordination between trades.


AFS SERVICES: Rough Carpentry.

Client Testimonial

Advanced Framing Structures did a fantastic job on the recently completed Confluence Park project. The exterior wood elements are the prominent feature of this project and it looks amazing. Your crews helped us resolve constructability issues and provided the extra man power needed to pull off this very fast pace schedule. The added stainless steel spacers and attention to detail is always evident in your guys work. Thank you so much.


Brent Mathews,

Division Leader

Consolidated Contracting Services Inc.

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